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    TIMEpreneur, Time Lord, The Indispensables? Name our customers…

TIMEpreneur, Time Lord, The Indispensables? Name our customers…

We need your help! They give us great massages, take our family portraits, play our first dance, unblock our loos, make us look A-MA-zing… We’re bored of calling our fantastic clients ‘Service Businesses’ – it just doesn’t do their fabulousness justice! What’s a great name for those wonderful people who sell their time? Examples of our current customers are Photographers, Physiotherapists, Salons, Freelancers, Wedding DJs, Publicists, Podiatrists… What word can encompass that much […]

Features Friday – Reminders

Happy Features Friday! Today we are looking at a feature which we feel very strongly about here at Appointedd: REMINDERS!  For so many services, such as salons, therapists, photographers, personal trainers, and more, you are selling your business by a time slot. Once the time slot is gone, you don’t get it back. Missed appointments are an all too regular occurrence […]

Appointedd Interviews Scott Parker Studio

After our delightful first interview with Oh Really Creative, our next stop was the brilliant photographer Scott Parker from Scott Parker Studio. Scott Parker is an international Wedding, Events, Children and Fashion Photographer based in Edinburgh, also catering for the Lothian’s and Fife. He has over 4 years experience as a professional photographer since gaining his Diploma in Photography.  

Features Friday – Staff Management

It’s Friday! And once again that means it’s time for our Features Friday blog post! This week’s post is all about our STAFF MANAGEMENT feature. As we have said before, your staff are your biggest asset; it is absolutely crucial that you make the most of them. As a business with great belief in the importance of having a strong team, our software enables you to effectively manage your staff, from […]

Appointedd’s new booking websites are live!

Things are moving fast here at Appointedd. We are excited to present you the brand new Appointedd booking websites. When you subscribe to Appointedd, your business will be automatically given a microsite where your customers will be able to book online as well as seeing the information you put there (address and Google Maps location, pictures, opening hours, phone number, email address, discounts, reviews). It is a great tool […]