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Feature Friday: Custom Emails and Questions

Posted by Craig Devoy on May 1, 2015 5:42:00 PM

Last Friday, we brought you our brand new theme Fixie and 12 new customisable microsite features to give you even more control over your microsite. Today we've brought you two more. Customisable emails and questions!!

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Introducing: Our stylish new theme Fixie and 12 new microsite customisable features!

Posted by Leah Hutcheon on Apr 24, 2015 6:26:03 PM

You know and love our microsites but we're about to make you love them even more. Greg, one of our developers, has been pedal to the metal, working hard to launch some great new customisation features.

Our new fully customisable features include:

  • The ability to choose how your sidebar displays, either left, right or off which centres your content
  • A new star review rating system instead of the original love heart
  • An overall cleaner minimalist design 
  • Turn off your map, image slider and opening times (for those not constrained by things such as time)
  • Hide offers and prices
  • A customer can select which member of staff they would like to see 
  • Turn customer notes on or off
  • Custom css, to make a microsite your own
  • Service and category ordering using a drag and drop method

If you're already an Appointedd customer you can update your settings here and if not, you can sign up here.

And if that wasn't enough we're excited to introduce to you our newest style... Introducing our new Fixie microsite theme (woo inside)...

The world is vastly optimistic in the round glassed eyes of all hipster, life floats on by and their gravity defying moustaches sit comfortably breaking the laws of physics.

Sipping the world's best coffee, the finest ales and wearing only the most fashionable clothing, it can be hard to please the usual hipster. 

Despite this, we have decided to try... 

In the form of the Hipster Microsite.

Why 'Hipster' you ask? 

Well, this is more of a company codename. The theme is actually called Fixie as we feel these new sites will blow away even the most discerning customers and our customers customers.

Have a look for yourself- 

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7 reasons salons should ditch appointment books and use online booking software

Posted by Craig Devoy on Apr 23, 2015 3:31:00 PM

Using an appointment book can be a hassle

A client calls, they want to book, you pick up the phone and hope you’ve understood what they are saying.

Then you have to find that date page, the right time and check that it’s free (whilst deciphering cryptic handwriting).

All of this whilst juggling the phone, handling a walk-in and finding that damn pencil

That call either ends there or you find out it’s not free…

What then?

You try and find common ground with the client and find out when best suits for another time or date

Either the client and yourself find common ground or they say the dreaded "I'll phone you back", only you know that means they won’t...

Appointment books even though they are simple are a cause of frustration

Not only for yourself and the time it consumes in a myriad of other ways, but for the client who just wants a simple way to book their appointment with you 

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Appointedd’s Top Five Tips for running a successful service business

Posted by Owen on Apr 13, 2015 12:46:00 PM

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Appointedd make it easy to book meetings and calls across time zones

Posted by Owen on Mar 29, 2015 2:00:07 PM

Global teams, digital nomads and footloose freelancers are now bookable anywhere, any place, any time (zone).

They almost can’t believe it themselves, but #TeamAppointedd has managed to build the world’s first three-way time zone scheduling system.

No more time zone maths, missed appointments or emails back and forth asking 'Is that 10am *your* time or *my* time?’. With Appointedd, everybody's time is their own.

Appointedd’s software manages time zone conversion so booking availability is shown and managed intuitively in each user’s time zone. An extra level of customisation means that you can schedule meetings on a totally different continent to the one both parties are currently on, seeing the time in any one of the three time zones involved.

International playboy? Just input your time zones to where you’ll be on any given day, and then your customers can book slots with you wherever in the world you are.

Have a regular schedule of jet-setting? Set your working hours as a city per day and your customers will automatically book in the correct time zone.

Want to book that massage in Bali when you’re on the Tube and your masseuse is still in Sweden finishing her training? No problem - Appointedd’s system allows you to book in any time zone and have it displayed to each party in the time zone of their choice.

Using Appointedd, businesses can now show their calendar availability in the time zone they are being booked from as well as being able to set separate time zone availability on given days or weeks. For the person booking the appointment they can see the availability in their time zone so there's no confusion with who's available when.

For international businesses, each team member can set their own time zone availability, meaning a distributed team can work in perfect harmony, scheduling calls and meetings with each other and their customers without a hiccup.

We are always listening and learning from our customers and with time zones it was no different. Appointedd’s Founder and CEO, Leah Hutcheon, explained how a customer uncovered the market opportunity for the startup:

“We have lots of photographers using Appointedd to take bookings, and we are gaining reputation with some extremely successful pockets of that community. An international photographer got in touch to explain how they spent a large part of their year travelling but wanted to be bookable in every timezone that they were in by customers who were spread worldwide. They currently had to work out different time zones to set their availability.

The more we looked at it, the more we realised nobody was doing this and so the development team here travelled the world's time zones to crack a conversion. The results empower teams working across time zones, make life easier for digital nomads and allowing everyone to be more effective wherever they are working from.”

Multi time zone booking is just one of a range of features provided by Appointedd for dynamic business owners. The suite of online tools includes; online appointment diary and business management tools, CRM, a dedicated microsite to take bookings from, booking widgets for a business’s website or Facebook page, and marketing automation tools.

If a business has its processes down and just wants to take advantage of the online booking across time zones, they can take advantage of Appointedd’s integration with Cronofy to sync their bookings directly into their existing calendar.

Appointedd users can view and manage their bookings via a two-way synchronisation across Google Calendar, iCal, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook 365.

Appointedd integrates with Stripe to allow businesses to take online payments and FreeAgent's online accounting software to ensure appointments are managed from booking through to showing in the books.

Thanks for joining us on this around the world time zone journey which has the phrase ‘time zone’ mentioned 24 times which is exactly the same number of time zones there actually are! Yes our Lead Developer Billy Jones is still recovering.

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How to Schedule Facebook Posts - A Simple Guide

Posted by Lillie Archenhold on Mar 13, 2015 12:00:24 PM

Following on from my recent Appointedd webinar on how to optimise online bookings through marketing, I have had a few requests for a guide to scheduling posts on Facebook. So, here it is, your super simple step-by-step guide to scheduling your Facebook posts!

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Friday fun with Appointedd - Set your text alerts to ring ka-ching!

Posted by Owen on Mar 6, 2015 1:30:45 PM

You know that fab feeling when you get a text alert to let you know you have received a booking? We've been playing with ringtones here at Appointedd HQ this morning and have noticed that you can set your ringtones to custom sounds for various contacts.

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Top Tips to Optimise Facebook Bookings from Appointedd's Content Marketer

Posted by Lillie Archenhold on Mar 6, 2015 12:38:30 PM

So, you've just set up your snazzy online booking system, you've input all of your services, prices, staff members and availability, and you've got a shiny new online booking site and booking widgets on both your website and your Facebook page... What happens now? Well, I'm the content marketer for Appointedd, and today I have a few tips for you to really optimise your online booking system and boost those sales!

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Fab. New. Features... Seamless Staff Scheduling & World Time Zone Domination

Posted by Owen on Mar 2, 2015 10:08:20 AM

As you know, we’re all about superpowering your time here at Appointedd. So, following your feedback, we have made some super cool changes to the way Appointedd manages your time.

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3 Ways to Boost SmallBiz Productivity by Sara Maude

Posted by Lillie Archenhold on Feb 13, 2015 12:30:36 PM

As a small business owner there is always something to do, whether its the day-to-day runnings of your business, your sales campaign or getting on top of those dreaded books. We here at Appointedd hear you! This week we are featuring hypnotherapist Sara Maude with tips on how to boost your productivity – so you can make the most of your time and get on doing with what you love.

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