The Benefits of Exercise for Small Business Owners

As a marketer in a small business, I would say that I spend on average around 60 out of 168 hours in a week staring at my laptop screen. I can imagine for many entrepreneurs, small business owners, and people working within such a team environment, their case is the same, possibly even more. Being at a computer for long periods of time has been proven to cause a number […]
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    Sounds, Shapes, Scents, Sales Part 2: The Square’s Success

Sounds, Shapes, Scents, Sales Part 2: The Square’s Success

I wrote a blog post a while back about how small businesses can use the servicescape to enhance customer and employee satisfaction. For the last week and a half, Team Appointedd have been working from our good friends at Desk Union’s new coworking space at 36 St Andrews Square.  I felt that I had to write about this because following on from my blog post on the servicescape, the […]

Salon software ends appointment scheduling hassles

Appointment scheduling can be a true nightmare. From people calling late and leaving messages, to cancellations and no shows, there is a lot to handle and can be overwhelming. Appointedd fits perfectly as a salon software to help you get rid of those problems. Our online booking tools allow your customers to book an appointment from different platforms (your website, a customized Appointedd booking website or your Facebook page) […]

Useful Tips for Using Appointedd

So, we continuously rave about how much our Appointedd features can help boost your business. But from speaking to our customers we suddenly realised, automated marketing campaigns and online booking features don’t just work themselves, you have to make the most out of them in order to get the best from them! So, here are a couple of useful tips for […]

4 ways to promote your photography business

Following Lillie’s interview with Scott Parker, here’s a blog dedicated to photographers. Photography is a passion, but to make a living out of it, being a good photographer is not enough. Here are some tips you can use to promote your photography business. 1/ Social Media for photography The Social Media world is obviously massive and the temptation to join every possible network […]