Heart Bleed Bug Bites Big!

If you have been hearing the term “Heart Bleed” everywhere, you don’t need to be calling your local doctor and checking out your health. Fortunately, this bug is not health related. Not so fortunately, however, you may need to health check your website and change a few passwords. But, no fear, Appointedd’s got your back. So, what exactly is “Heart Bleed”? Well, it’s a software bug that potentially leaves your information open […]

Dealing with stress in your startup

  Guest post from Philip Crothers from Equator… I know a little something about the stress of being involved in a startup at a crucial time; the hours are ridiculous, the expectations enormous and the atmosphere electrifying. There’s a lot to be said for getting stuck into your business and throwing yourself into work. It’s addictive, […]

Why start your own business..?

Stumbled upon this fab infographic from our lovely friends at Smarta. Check out the hows, whys and wherefores of starting your own business. And if you were one of the record breaking half million people who started their own business in 2013, check out Appointedd to see whether we can help revolutionise they way you run your business…
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New Year, New Start? In Small Businesses, Big Decisions Happen Every Day…

New year, new start… You’ve heard it all before. Let’s be honest, you’re probably still spouting it. I know I am. But, really, what does it all mean? If we were going to make real changes in our life, why wait until an arbitrary date to do so? Like in any startup or small business, it can often feel like […]

Merry Christmas from Team Appointedd

Have a fabulous Christmas and a very merry Hogmanay… See you on the other side… Leah & […]