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Twelve Drummers Planning Band Practice with Doodle and Appointedd

Written by Rebecca Parker – Content Creator at Appointedd

doodle integration.pngOn the twelfth day of Christmas…

For the last day of our festive integration rundown, we’re talking about how you can integrate your Appointedd calendar with Doodle. Doodle is a free productivity tool that allows you to propose a selection of times for an event or meeting and efficiently find a slot that works for everyone.

You can use Doodle to find the best time to schedule a meeting or an event before adding it to your Appointedd diary. Proposed and final times for the meeting will be pulled into your Appointedd diary, blocking off this time and preventing you from being double booked.

The way to sync Doodle with your Appointedd calendar is via an external calendar. First, sign up to Appointedd, then once in your Appointedd system go to your settings and select ‘Calendars’. Follow the instructions on-screen to connect the calendar of your choice (Google, iCloud, etc.). Then go to Doodle and integrate the same calendar by following this guide. This synchronisation will allow you to see all of your appointments from Appointedd and your external calendar in your Doodle schedule. Likewise, you will be able to see proposed times from Doodles in your Appointedd calendar.

For a full step-by-step to syncing Doodle with Appointedd, plus some top tips, see our support article.

That’s our 12 Integrations of Christmas all wrapped up (ha ha). If you missed any of the previous installments,look back in our blog to catch up and discover a whole host of possibilities for your Appointedd online booking system. Have a good one!

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