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New and Improved Business Reports

Written by Rebecca Parker – Content Creator at Appointedd

Appointedd’s business reports are now better than ever. Our reports now show you even more details of everything from occupancy to top customers.

Service reports

In addition to improvements to our existing reports, we have added a new report section all about services. Here you can see for each service:

  • The number of bookings of that service
  • The revenue generated by bookings of that service
  • The total number of bookings cancelled by the customer or by the business
  • The percentage of all bookings that were cancelled

Downloadable reports

As well as viewing your business reports within Appointedd, you can now also export reports as downloadable files, to keep for your records or share with the team, for example. You will find the option to download your reports on each section.

You can find a full guide to Appointedd’s business reports in our support article.

If you’re ready to take the new business reports for a spin yourself, log in to your account or start your free trial.

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