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10 Signs You’ve Got Your Business Under Control

Written by Leah Hutcheon – Appointedd CEO

Appointedd is all about empowering businesses with the tools to better control your time. We’d like to think that those who use Appointedd, may experience some of the following awesome outcomes...

1.     Your inbox is empty. Ha… yeah I’ll crack the jokes



2.  You’ve stopped waking up in a cold sweat at 4am


3. You’re not eating alone every night anymore 


4. You’ve stopped having this reaction when people ask if you caught the latest episode of anything, at all, ever.


5.  You actually make it to the gym and slowly figure out how to work that mystery machine.


 7. Your house is tidy


8. You remembered their birthday, and you feel AMAZING


9.  You rediscover the weekend


10. You can no longer relate to this woman.


 Explore Appointedd's range of features now, to see how we can improve your business and your work-life balance.

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