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Managing Student Accommodation Viewings? Try Something New This Semester

Posted by Rebecca Parker on Jan 16, 2017 10:26:00 AM

Right about now the more organised students among the population might be thinking about where they’re going to live next year -- particularly if Joe’s habit of piling rubbish up on the bin lid instead of just putting the bag out is starting to wear thin and they’re thinking they might try their luck with a different set of housemates. That means the rush to get the best flats is about to start, and that means letting agents and student accommodation companies are about to have a lot of viewings to manage.

What has historically been experienced as a bit of a scrum -- group viewings followed by a Wacky Races-style dash to sign the lease -- actually needn’t be. Thanks to the rise in SaaS (Software as a Service), making use of the latest developments in technology no longer requires the big budgets of major agencies for custom development work. So even small firms can now be innovative in the way they use the tools available to make the property letting process smooth, streamlined, and even a little bit trendy.

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5 Tricks to Subject Lines That Make People Read Your Marketing Emails

First impressions really are everything when it comes to marketing: in fact, they're pretty much the only thing. No matter how effective the content of your email is, whether someone decides to read it at all rests solely on how your email appears in their inbox. Essentially, that means you have approximately fifty characters to convince them. No pressure!

So, with that in mind, here are five ways to make that subject line work hard for you.

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Behind the Scenes of Appointedd’s Native Cross-Platform App Development

Posted by Greg on Dec 28, 2016 10:10:00 AM

Appointedd is a multi-timezone online booking system that helps businesses sell and manage their time.  Up until now we only had a simple iOS app to accompany our main web app, with limited functionality in comparison.  With feedback from our users, we realised more and more businesses require access to Appointedd on the move. It became obvious we needed to expand the functionality of our mobile app, and start replicating functionality already available in the web app over to mobile. We decided we would start from scratch and take a cross-platform approach so our Android users could also benefit from the mobile app.  The first question was: Which technology would we use?

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The Single-Handed School of Marketing: Free Ebook Download 📃 📩

Posted by Rebecca Parker on Dec 26, 2016 10:04:00 AM

Customers are amazing: their needs are the reason you started your business, they keep things interesting, and they bring you shiny money. What’s not to love about customers? Well, aside from those odd few that make you think Sartre might have met them right before he wrote “Hell is other people”, there’s also the little task of finding them. And keeping them coming back. And generally keeping on top of them in terms of confirming, reminding, rescheduling, reminding again...

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Twelve Drummers Planning Band Practice with Doodle and Appointedd

Posted by Rebecca Parker on Dec 24, 2016 11:05:00 AM

On the twelfth day of Christmas…

For the last day of our festive integration rundown, we’re talking about how you can integrate your Appointedd calendar with Doodle. Doodle is a free productivity tool that allows you to propose a selection of times for an event or meeting and efficiently find a slot that works for everyone.

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Eleven Pipers Taking Stripe Payments With Appointedd Bookings

Posted by Rebecca Parker on Dec 23, 2016 10:04:00 AM

On the eleventh day of Christmas…

If you like the idea of taking payments or deposits online but think it must be very complicated to set up, think again! Our Stripe integration delivers cost effective and secure payment processing. With Appointedd and Stripe, you can take payment for your online bookings, request a deposit or full payment at the point of booking, or send an invoice once the booking has been made, giving you real flexibility to meet the needs of your customers.

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What a Year! Appointedd's 2016

Posted by Rebecca Parker on Dec 22, 2016 12:21:00 PM

It's been a heck of a year for Appointedd. Whether it's travelling around the world or mingling with the stars, there's always something exciting happening. Here's a quick rundown of some of the most memorable moments for #TeamAppointedd in 2016.

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Ten Lords a-Dragging and a-Dropping an Appointedd Booking App onto their Weebly Site

Posted by Rebecca Parker on Dec 22, 2016 10:14:00 AM

On the tenth day of Christmas…

Weebly is the world's easiest web builder, trusted by 30 million people all over the globe and can be used for virtually any kind of business. Appointedd integrates with Weebly, which means that it's super simple to start taking bookings directly from your Weebly site.

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Nine Ladies Accounting Easily with Xero and Appointedd

Posted by Rebecca Parker on Dec 21, 2016 11:29:00 AM

On the ninth day of Christmas…

Xero is a great way to do accounting with xero stress (ha ha). With Xero and Appointedd, you can manage your finances and cashflow, generate real time reports, and send out customisable invoices in a flash by syncing the two systems and sharing information between them.

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Introducing: Invitations

Posted by Rebecca Parker on Dec 20, 2016 11:24:00 AM

The big news this month: invitations are here! You can now create a booking in your Appointedd calendar and send invitations to selected customers in just a few clicks. Here's how it works.

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